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Drums: Kattis
Guitar and vocals: Åsa
Keyboards: Jesper
Guitar: Urban
Kattis and Åsa were in the original set in the 80’s. When the band reunited after 30 years without contacting each other, Urban, Jesper and Johnny joined. The band plays its own material  For more info see the long version below.

2017- Inner Fire / You should have known better / Demons of darkness

2018 –Talking to Strangers / Silver pine

2018 – Cold / Crazy

2018 – Christmas night

2019 – Train / Restless

During 2018 och 2019 KRAKEL played live at places like Fryshuset, Harry B James, Restaurang Asplund, Lion Bar, Boo Folkets hus mm.

In summer 2019 the debut album will be released.

Krakel Emergenza Semi 1 - Klubben, Fryshuset

Kattis: Drums (Photo Cowmob photography)

Krakel Emergenza Semi 1 - Klubben, Fryshuset

Åsa: Guitar anv vocals (Photo cowmob photography)

Krakel Emergenza Semi 1 - Klubben, Fryshuset

Jesper: Keyboard (Photo: cowmob photography)

Krakel Emergenza Semi 1 - Klubben, Fryshuset

Johnny: Bass (Photo cowmob photography)

Rinkeby farm. Was filmed and aired on the radio.

The long version:
Krakel Zpektakel was formed in the early 80 ‘s.

4 young ladies who met at Highschool  began playing together.
It was their own music right from the start and they were all newbies on their instruments.
The lyrics were written by all members and the music was made by Asa.
At the beginning of their career the band rehearsed in Boosalen, former Boo Municipal House. Downstairs, there were huge speakers, drum kits and a few amplifiers in a storage room. The entire facility had to be picked up each time. After a while, the band started a study circle and thus received a contribution to purchasing their own equipmentThe rehearsal room was moved to a small cottage in Gustavsvik.
The first gigs was at student parties and small clubs. Later even restaurants, festivals and private parties. The band played several times on Mosebacke and Three Hills. The band also did a gig at the legendary rock club Ultra House Studio. Krakel Zpektakel has also played in the Blue Hall (Where the Nobel prize party is placed) and in Rålambshovsparken (with police escort)

The first recording sessions took place in a studio in Sollentuna, where the band recorded  10 (!) songs over one day
Later 5 songs were recorded in a studio in Hägersten.
The band moved to the rehearsal studios in Music Hall at Alp Lodge. There was a studio which was used for the remaining recordings.

Drums Kattis Söderstöm

AnnBritt Falkbäck (ex. Stomberg)

Tora Lane Malagon

Guitar and vocals
Åsa Girgensohn

Åsa Girgensohn Gitarr och sång

When the band consisted of only girls, there was great interest from the media. A bigger story was included in
The newspaper Work in 1985
and smaller articles in local press. In the evening press we could read about the band playing at a truck parade and the ”Big city rock festival”, where the band took part. A long interview was done for the book ”under the coat” by Johan Fornas. Asa was pictured on the cover of the book ”Child”. A gig was broadcast live by a small radio station which also interviewed the band. A photographer (Susanne Sandstrom Bucht)

My beautiful picture

followed Asa for a week and documented her life as a female musician. The band got the offer to play at Engelen but declined when the owner suggested what clothes the members would wear on stage. Krakel Zpektakel was hired to be the opening act for Strindbergs at Ultra House  The main act never showed up, a broken tour bus was the explanation. In radio Stockholm the band’s version of the Twist and shout (English to Swedish) was played, recorded for the contest Metropolitan rock.
The name Krakel Zpektakel was decided one evening after writing long lists of names as Karim helmet and other things. Letters were sent to Lennart Helsing with the question to use one of his caracters as a band name. The issue was provided.
The band was split up in 1985 when the members wanted to play different types of music. Tora and Kattis were closer to pop  while AnnBritt and Asa was heading towards hard rock and blues. Asa and AnnBritt continued playing with the band Amnesia.
But soon the members went different directions and quit hanging out.

In 2013, the band met again and went straight into the studio without having seen each other in all these years, and recorded two songs without rehearsals in almost 30 years. After that, the members began to hang out again and also to rehearse. A gig at a private party was held in autumn 2014 and after that the rehearsals increased.

In the spring of 2016, AnnBritt announced that she intended to leave the band. With that said, the idea of original band members was broken and two new members were taken in,Urban Blomstedt on guitar and Johnny Mild on bass.

Krakel Emergenza Semi 1 - Klubben, Fryshuset

photo: cowmob photography

Krakel Emergenza Semi 1 - Klubben, Fryshuset

Photo: Cowmob photography