Krakel – ‘999, No Luck’

Thanks Jenny Tate !

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Launched on November 6th, 2020, Swedish rock/metal band Krakel announce their new 2 track single, ‘999, No Luck’. Available online.

‘999’ is a very dark track, featuring text from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, with the greatest focus on the Witches sections.

‘No Luck’ is a track about gambling addiction. With these 2 latest songs, Krakel have attempted to up the heaviness factor.

A female fronted set-up, Krakel’s sound combines light and heaviness, with a strong melody and equally powerful lyrics, performed in a full-bodied, hard-rock delivery.

The band have been well received, around the world, by the rock press and have already amassed quite a following, internationally.

999 – Very space-rock, sci-fi intro, gradually emerging, into a powerful sound, featuring strong power screams. Enthusiastic sinister witchy vocals, from ‘Macbeth’, proving how easily contents of such different creative worlds can work together. Very strong sound, with lots of plausibly ethereal themes. Ominous, yet…

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