Krakel – ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’

Thank you Jenny Tate and Rock Queen Reviews for the amazing review of our album Ctrl+Alt+Del! ❤🙏
”Overall – A flawlessly dramatic album, with epic features throughout, ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ is a highly unique production, impressively performed, with consistently catchy flourishes. Showcasing true artistic grasp of the creation and momentum of atmospheric tension, this is a one-off project, with a powerful draw.”
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Photu by Cowmob Photography

Rock Queen Reviews

Released on 4th June 2021, ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ is the new 10 track album, from DIY metal band Krakel.

Evolving from the last album, to a heavier, yet complex, mystical sound, its themes are very real and down-to-earth.

Mastered by Cutting Room, ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ was composed and otherwise produced entirely by Krakel.

Of the 10 tracks, 2 were launched as singles, previously, i.e. ‘Bridge Of Death’ (2020) and ‘999’ (2020). All tracks are digitally interactive.

It’s a quintet, consisting of Asa (vocals/7 string guitar), Kattis (drums), Anki (bass), Jesper (keys) and Urban (guitar).

Inspired by sounds right across the rock spectrum, including Rammstein, Abba, Queen and Gary Moore, Krakel’s sound and style is growing, all the time. ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ is their 2nd album. 9 singles have already been released.

Ctrl + Alt + Del – Phone and fax dialling tones intro, before…

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