Snart kommer tre nya singlar från KRAKEL.

Endless night

Endless brons

En låt om rädsla, skräck och hat och de skjutningar som förfärar oss. Ska det någonsin ta slut eller är det som en evig natt…?

It all began

With a loaded gun

Protection from the anger and the fear


If you hurting me

I make sure you see

Everything you loved will dissapear


In the endless night

Nothing can stop the fight

In the endless nigt

There is no morning light


Eye for an eye

Rules I will deny

This is a just personal revenge


In selfdefence

Blame the violance

A life for a life as an exchange


In the endless night

In der endlose Nacht

Sex sieben und acht

In der endlose nacht

Was haben sie gemacht

In the endeless night


Frau Blucher

Frau blucher ram

En hyllning till Mel Brooks film ”Young Frankenstein”. En komedi baserad på Mary Shelleys första roman Frankenstein, 1818. Texten är sammansatt av repliker ut filmen från 1974. Omslaget är målat i akryl av Åsa och föreställer Marty Feldman i rollen som Igor. En favoritfilm!

The secret will of Frankenstein

The castle and the hidden sign

No in heaven dead is dead

Hard to trust what Igor said


Wherewolf, therewolf, walk this way

Wonder why you speak that way

No escape from destiny

No return there is for me


Watch your steps and follow me

Unlit candles help you see

Music from the bookcase’s heard

Secrets book and secret word


Love in Transylvania

A secret lullaby

Blucher makes the horses cry

Violine and lullaby

Music makes the creature weak

Igor and frau Blucher


The violine is played still warm

Have to use the thunderstorm

Brain from mr. Abby Norm

Body from the grave transform


Hidious and beautiful

Wake him up is doable

Light and thunder, do you hear

Make the shadows dissapear


In the their blood they’re all the same

Riot is an ugly game

It’s alive I set you free

That is how it’s ment to be




Sedative and surgery

Brain and electricity

When the creature’s brought to life

Dressed up in a lambs disguise


Turn the switch and change the pools

Plus to minus with the tools

In the scent from the cigar

Bluchers knowledge isn’t far


Slip the brain to slot in door

Delbruck’s all over the floor

Until death and life itself

Put the candles on the shelf


Love in transylvania

A secret lullaby

Blucher makes the horses cry

Violine and lullaby

Music makes the creature weak

Igor and frau Blucher


Christmas night

Christmas night 2021

…och så en jullåt förstås! En tanke till alla som av olika anledningar tvingas fira högtider i ensamhet…

The candles are burning in the window

The snowflakes are falling outside

The children are sleeping

Just me and my wine by the fire

Waiting untouched under the Christmas tree

The gift I bought for you

I wonder where you are

Wonder what you do….


I’m alone in the Christmas night

And the angels sing in my ear

I’m alone and the stars shine bright

And when I fall asleep I wish that you were here…..


Collecting the papers from the Christmas gifts

Send another message to your phone

I finish my wine

And turn out the light

The fire is slowly dying

The angels are fading away

I blow out the candles

And surrender to the night


I’m alone…


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