Best Hard Rock Act 2021

KRAKEL är så stolta över nomineringen till ”Best hard rock act 2021 Radio WigWam!

Krakel tackar också för feedback på musiken från lyssnare:

FRAU BLUCHER: ”Nice song. Very powerful. Like the vocals a lot and the guitars. I found everything great!”

FLUCH: ” Great surprise, the synths, the vocals, the heaviness of the guitar. Over all I love it! Reminds me of Rammstein and L´amme Immortalle, This is awesome. I loved everything about it.” e159f454b9411d0e92b6395b52258606

SEVEN MINUTES OF FEAR: ”Really nice rock song for dancing and headbanging.”

GLORY: ”Great song! I really enjoyed it. Had me stomping my feet the whole way. I want more, kind of short, maybe a kickass solo.”

BRIDGE OF DEATH: ”Great energy. I love this melody and guitar sounds.”

Ctrl Alt Del: ”Great song. I loved the energy and how the song was arranged. Keep doing what you doing and making great music.”

999: ”I liked a lot the spooky vibe, it’s like a Halloween song.”

Thank you for the nice words.



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