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Resension av KRAKELs singlar Burning Bridges och Boy like me.

KRAKEL tackar Jenny Tate, Rock Queen reviews för de fina orden.

Krakel – ‘Burning Bridges, Boy Like Me’

Ahead of the autumn EP release, on which they’ll feature, singles ‘Burning Bridges’ and ‘Boy Like Me’ are now available, by hard rock/heavy metal band Krakel.CABB

The first single, ‘BB’, is themed around the literal metaphorical meaning of its title, i.e. to burn your bridges, in life, by way of sometimes dramatic and final actions, in order to free yourself (from constraints), to be yourself, whatever the impact.

The second, ‘BLM’, is a much more specific narrative,

Boy like me

KRAKEL Boy like me

around a soldier, going to war, finding that the enemy he anticipated turns out to be a young boy, no different to himself and the complex emotions surrounding that. Created as a call for peace and hope, ‘BLM’ has a strong guitar base.

Having launched 12 singles and 2 albums, to date, Krakel deliver a sound incorporating the best of both worlds, within their hard rock/heavy metal blend.

Featuring a 7 string guitar, fronting, Krakel now have a new guitarist (Hans) and bassist (Daniel); both seasoned musicians, whose skills add to the impact of Krakel’s sound.

Nominated for Best Hard Rock Band, by Radio WIGWAM, Krakel also feature in a 5 page spread, in Sweden’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine. Their track, ‘Endless Night’ won 3rd place, in Parallello Music Competition.

An associated video of ‘BB’ is also available, featuring fires and explosions.

Burning Bridges – Very enigmatic, cinematic intro! Quiescent, growing choral vocals are followed by solo feminine lead vocals, with a strong gothic edge. Lots of lyrical intrigue, powerful atmospherics and a hugely ominous streak. Plenty of darkened emphasis and flawless delivery, right to the end. Closing with sharply defined accompaniments.

Boy Like Me – Air raid sirens open, with disturbing sounds of children, crying. Scene set, straight away. This time, very bass led, retaining the creepy feeling, within the rhythms. Building vocal tension, profoundly stark lyrics. Food for thought, evoking lingering discomfort. Very impressive sinister vocal style. Sudden accordion plays, briefly, before it’s drowned out, by the fret-bending riffs, singing. Now, a child laughs, as a glockenspiel plays its glassy tones, after the sustained melodic solemnity. There, it fades, showcasing a clear contrast of light and dark, with poignant undercurrents.

Overall – In a complete U-turn from their previous sound, Krakel have crafted a very memorable, cut glass definition, within these sounds. Projecting clear-cut, morose atmospherics, conveyed with jagged edged vocals and haunting visual imagery. A brave, insightful departure from standard, expertly and convincingly conveyed, with flawless craftsmanship.

9/10 *********

For fans of cinematic voices, such as Eartha Kitt, Shirley Bassey and Dr Strangelove-esque, Cat woman vocal imagery, Telma, Forlorn Hope, Epica.


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