KRAKEL har fått många nya följare och lyssnare på sista tiden. Vi hälsar er varmt välkomna och tackar ödmjukast för visat intresse. Det är särskilt roligt att se att KRAKEL har lyssnare över nästan hela världen…


Den 4/9 kan ni höra KRAKEL Live på Orminge Karneval, mer info kommer, men innan dess bjuder vi in till Videofestival, den 7/8 kl. 19 – 19.30. Vi kommer att visa och berätta om de senaste videorna vi skapat till låtar från albumet Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Länk till evenemanget: https://www.facebook.com/events/2873945626204427


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Rock ‘n’ Roll

KRAKEL fick besök av Rock ‘n’ Roll Magasine. Intervju och fotografering samt mycket snack om musik…

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Låten Cannonball Run placerade sig som etta på JGBs topplista nr 4. Tack till alla som röstat! 🙂


KRAKELs musik har placerat sig på många nya spellistor och vi välkomnar alla nya följare och lyssnare! 🙂


KRAKEL tackar ödmjukast för uppmärksamhet och publicitet och återkommer inom kort med information om kommande videofestival…

Lördag den 4/9 kan KRAKEL höras Live på Karnevalen i Orminge. Mer info kommer.kar


Krakel – ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’

Thank you Jenny Tate and Rock Queen Reviews for the amazing review of our album Ctrl+Alt+Del! ❤🙏
”Overall – A flawlessly dramatic album, with epic features throughout, ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ is a highly unique production, impressively performed, with consistently catchy flourishes. Showcasing true artistic grasp of the creation and momentum of atmospheric tension, this is a one-off project, with a powerful draw.”
Read the whole review here:


Photu by Cowmob Photography

Rock Queen Reviews

Released on 4th June 2021, ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ is the new 10 track album, from DIY metal band Krakel.

Evolving from the last album, to a heavier, yet complex, mystical sound, its themes are very real and down-to-earth.

Mastered by Cutting Room, ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ was composed and otherwise produced entirely by Krakel.

Of the 10 tracks, 2 were launched as singles, previously, i.e. ‘Bridge Of Death’ (2020) and ‘999’ (2020). All tracks are digitally interactive.

It’s a quintet, consisting of Asa (vocals/7 string guitar), Kattis (drums), Anki (bass), Jesper (keys) and Urban (guitar).

Inspired by sounds right across the rock spectrum, including Rammstein, Abba, Queen and Gary Moore, Krakel’s sound and style is growing, all the time. ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ is their 2nd album. 9 singles have already been released.

Ctrl + Alt + Del – Phone and fax dialling tones intro, before…

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Massor med Radio

KRAKEL spelas flitigt på flera radiostationer runt om i världen och dyker upp på fler och fler listor.

Eruption Radio 91,6 (Botkyrka Närradioförening)

Rock workout playlist 

Rock Lobster show   

Hard rock Hell radio, Rock Radio UK, Rock rage Radio

Only Rock Radion(Bridge of Death och Cannonball spelas flera gånger per dag.)

Radio Wigwam  Band Wagon Show (Fluch in rotation)

Playlist: Gothic Rock / Darkwave-Dark pop / Industrial Metal

Playlist: New independent Music

Svenska Närradiolistan

The Rock Goddess Radio Show 

Playlist: Nice Music Hits

Playlist 360: The best Indie Music

Topp 10 Rock Goddess Radio Show


Nytt album

Nu är KRAKELs andra album Ctrl+Alt+Del ute!

Recension kan du läsa här!


By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Sweden’s Krakel gives us weird and wonderful avant-garde rock on its second album.

Krakel, a Swedish rock band with a difference, traces its roots back to Krakel Zpektakel, a local band active in the early 80s in the Stockholm suburbs. Krakel Zpektakel reunited for some recordings and gigs from 2013 until 2016. When a few members decided to quit, Krakel Zpektakel evolved into the new band Krakel. “Ctrl+Alt+Del” is Krakel’s second album and it is hard to describe it because Krakel has managed to create quite a special sound. While I am struggling to accurately describe what Krakel sounds like, I dig this. This is splendid music. At times Krakel plays hard rock but there are so many layers and different sides to this music which is built upon a wide range of influences. It is modern rock but with a twist. Overall, this album is weird and wonderful. There’s a touch of Nina Hagen attitude and Kate Bush artistry among the band’s rock’n’roll. The album’s feel reminds me of a rock opera or a concept album of some kind. This music is a bit avant-garde in a Rammstein kind of way which makes it stand out from the crowd. The music is often theatrical and dramatic. Sometimes it feels very early 80s (not least because of the synthesizers and cool sound effects) and at the same time it is very modern. I love the dial-up modem sounds in the title track “Ctrl+Alt+Del”. Krakel’s band members go wherever a song takes them. They don’t restrict themselves by some genre-specific expectations or limitations. They just focus on creating good music. “Out of Control” is a terrific but very delicate little song with a haunting feeling to it. “Bridge of Death” is an immediate favourite on the album. “Glory to the Brave” and “Seven Minutes of Fear” are other very cool songs while “999” and “Beauty Queen” are the album’s best songs and also some of its heavier ones.

Krakel’s album “Ctrl+Alt+Del” will be released on 4th June.